Self Publishing Services

AT LAST! Time to publish your novel, art book, or collection of poetry and/or prose...? Bambaz Press Self Publishing services are here to help. Here is what we offer:



This service  is great for Authors who have work they want published, but have no clue what they are doing. This client is stuck on the next step... WE DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU. You send us your work IN WHATEVER format you choose. Baz will sift through it and design a beautiful book. We will meet, Baz will design, Bambi will consult, Baz will help you pick your publisher, setup your account, upload all of your files, get you an ISBN, dah dah dah, et cetera, and it ends with a celebration in Paris. OK - Kidding on that. You may want to enlist Bambi as an editor for this service... Read below about EDITING to find out more.


Enlist one of the most powerful editors in Los Angeles to bump up your book! Bambi is kind, brutal, and will hold your artist's vision when you can't even see it. Bambi will help you curate your collection, help you with structure, vision, and all the other fun stuff - grammar, etc.Bambi will create with you in the way you are most comfortable... email, phone, or in-person.