-Jack Grapes

As you know, Bombshelter Press published the last issue of ONTHEBUS in 2016.
Jack began ONTHEBUS in 1989 as a publication featuring Collective poets, but eventually, it became as national literary journal including not only the work of poets and writers in the Collective, but work from writers throughout the United States, including translations of poetry from all over the world, not to mention book reviews, interviews, essays, and literary criticism. Over the years, ONTHEBUS received consistently positive reviews:

Green Mountain Review called ONTHEBUS "the finest looking magazine to appear in over a decade."
The Los Angeles Times prasied it's "sheer unfettered and unpredictable range."
Small Press Magazine said it was "destined to be a major aftershock in American literary history."  
A London reviewer called it "the best new literary magazine currently published in America."
Even Esquire noted that all one needed do was check out ONTHEBUS to see "where the new writers were coming from. Between the covers of ONTHEBUS are some of the most original and stimulating poetry, prose, opinions, artwork and photography, being created today."


So after 25 years  and 22 blockbuster issues, Jack decided to close shop on ONTHEBUS and concentrate more on his teaching and his own books.

Nevertheless, over a bowl of gumbo, cornbread, and a robust cabernet, Jack, Bambi and Baz talked about morphing BamBaz Press's publication of I'll have Wednesday into a new iteration of ONTHEBUS, with Bambi and Baz taking over as editors. So ONTHEBUS is back, with Bambi and Baz taking over as editors.